Why You Should Have a Walking Meeting

Did you know?
According to CNN Money, Steve Jobs believed in the power of walking meetings. A quote from his biography says, “taking a long walk was his preferred way to have a serious conversation.”
I can tell you straightaway why I agree with Steve Jobs when he says that walking meetings are better? New scenery, fresh air, direct sunlight, an excuse for re-energizing, and all this accompanied with a few melting calories. I’m sure you are impressed too!
This new wave has taken corporates by storm. It is the concept of not working out after work, but while working. And the focus is directly on seated, indoor meetings, which are slowly becoming obsolete and are being taken over by walking meetings.

You may argue that it is not possible to use the whiteboard to chalk down notes, or jot down important points while you walk.

These may be valid points, but I’m sure you carry your mobile with you all the time. And, if the point made is really important, then use the stylus and write in short, or type it and save it as a draft. But using smartphones too much is also not recommended. The best way would be to carry a small diary and write the points.

The point made above should not deter anyone from conducting walking meetings, because the advantages are way more beneficial than the drawbacks.
» Walking outside the workplace energizes people and makes them active while the different environment encourages new ideas and creativity.

» Walking while talking to each other not only enhances a positive working spirit, but also lowers hierarchical work distinctions due to which people feel more at ease.

» Walking helps in burning calories and stimulating the flow of oxygen around the body. It perks up brain function and also increases problem-solving capability.

» This type of meeting allows employees to work without interruptions and helps maintain confidentiality.

» Walking meetings can save office resources and make the workplace energy-efficient; as the participants are out, their computers can be shut down.
Let’s take a look at some tips to remember before, while, and after conducting a walking meeting.
Before the Meeting

If you have decided to schedule a walking meeting for the first time, inform all the members who will be attending the meeting beforehand. I’m sure everyone is aware of this point, but this time you have to inform them that it will be a walking meeting and not a seated one, and be ready to get a few raised brows and eager inquiries.

You have to chalk out the complete plan in advance. Keep the group small. Only invite those who are really concerned with the topic of the meeting. If you invite a large group, then all of them might not be able to listen to each other or the speaker.