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Read This Car Review to Decide on the New Citreon

The new NEW DS 5 is rocking the auto world and taking it by storm. A lot of car enthusiasts are wondering about this new car and how it stands up to other sports cars in its class. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with this new vehicle and this review is here to set the record straight on what drivers can expect so they can make an informed choice for their needs.

Just the Facts

Understanding the facts about this vehicle is essential for helping consumers to know whether or not they should make their purchase. It appears Citroen’s luxury DS range has become its own entity, proudly standing alone. The two companies are still related and share motors and other components. The following offers some of the facts consumers have voiced in their review of this vehicle.

  • The larger wheels cause a jarring ride that is not as smooth as earlier models. This has disappointed many who remember the classic and luxurious feel they once experienced with other DS models.
  • Many people have been unhappy with the various diesel applications which create conflicting amounts of noise irritation. It is not simply the powerful engine that is humming, but the components almost seem to be at odds with one another.
  • While the seats look fabulous, they are not all that comfortable and do not allow for ergonomic comfort at all.
  • Some drivers complain about the interior design elements which should be more functional. Reaching the touchscreen, for instance, is a feat within itself.
  • As a plus, the car offers more than 70 miles per gallon, which offers a much more economical ride for those who travel long distances.
  • The car looks absolutely beautiful, but some drivers have said the components have more of a cheap feel than the luxurious one they expected.

Learn More Today

If you are looking for a classy car with a BMW style, you may want to check out this vehicle. It has not been received with as much enthusiasm as Citroen hoped for, but not everyone is displeased. Check out its specs today so you can decide if this is the car for you.